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Palermo Centrale is the central railway station of Palermo, the capital of Sicily. It is one of Italy's most essential "FS" stations and its region, along with Catania, Messina, and Syracuse Central Stations.

Palermo Centrale Railway Station is owned by the national rail company of Italy, Ferrovie Dello Stato.

Di Giovanni, an Italian Architect, designed the railway station. The station was then opened on June 7, 1886. The railway structure was characterized by a large roof with iron and glass, substituted in the early 1950s with a reinforced concrete structure.

Palermo Centrale is situated in the middle of the city, at Julius Caesar square, now Piazza Giulio Cesare. The establishment has a multi-level facility—a terminal station with ten platforms for passenger service purposes.

As a transport, the Centrale is an essential hub for the entire Sicily regional services. It also serves as the citizen's subway, which links it to the Airport of Punta Raisi. For long-distance transport, it is the terminus of InterCity trains to Naples, Rome, Milan, and still 1970s Paris.

Discover all the convenient offers of train transit to reach Palermo Airport or to get to the city and vice versa.

With two trains per hour in each opposite direction, travelers can comfortably visit the Sicilian capital and the island's beauties or embark on a journey to new destinations.

If you choose the service that makes fewer stops, reach the city center from Punta Raisi in just over half an hour *.


  • The first train in the morning leaves from Palermo Centrale at 04:00 AM and Punta Raisi at 05:15 AM;
  • The last train of the evening leaves from Palermo Centrale at 10:00 PM and from Punta Raisi at 12:25 AM.

Traveling by train is convenient; from Palermo to the airport tickets for only € 5.90.

For traveling families and small groups of up to six individuals, with at least one paying adult, there is a 50% discount on the ticket cost for children between twelve and eighteen years old.